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Wood Sugar & Pellets Plant

Wood Sugar & Pellets Plant

Our concept is basically a wood refinery, the wood is opened and different products are generated from different parts of the wood, wood sugar and pellets. This gives a higher total value of the wood.

Conventional (white) wood pellets is milled wood which is mechanically compressed. Most of the pellets production in Europe is based on sawdust as raw material. Sawdust is a very suitable raw material also in our process, but in addition we can use a much broader range of wood as raw material. Hardwood is rarely used for pellets production, but with our process hardwood is just as good a raw material as softwood.

Conventional White Pellets

Wood Sugar & Pellets Plant

Comparing Wood Sugar & Pellets Plant with conventional (white) pellets plants:

    • Wood sugar has a much higher market price than pellets. That means total higher revenue
    • The energy consumption per dry tonne of ingoing raw material is significantly lower than for a typical white pellets plant
    • Pellets have a higher energy content
    • Ash content is much lower
    • Bulk weight is much higher
    • Pellets are highly water resistant, while conventional (white) pellets disintegrate if exposed to water / rain
    • Hardwood is just as suitable raw material as softwood. This is not the case for conventional (white) pellets
    • The investment for a Wood Sugar & Pellets Plant is higher than for a conventional pellets plant

The differences in profitability will vary for each case. In general, a Wood Sugar & Pellets Plant will have a significantly better profitability than a conventional (white) pellets plant.

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